About Us
Our mission

To create successful business relationships built on trust. This requires providing you with not only inexpensive solutions, but high quality marketing campaigns as well. To achieve this goal our top priorities are to: listen to our customers needs, employ flawless solutions to fully monetize each of our clients marketing goals, make your vision our own, embrace technology, create efficient workflows geared toward perfection and above all, acquire superior, up-to-date data and marketing tools. Our main focus is success through innovation, technology and strategy and you can expect only the finest assistance in accomplishing your objectives. Experience a company that will work hard for your success, The Right List Group.

How we create profitable campaigns:

We are continuously challenging ourselves to keep our competitive advantage through innovative techniques for gathering information, and constantly increasing the value of our marketing solutions.

Our core competencies:

  • Targeted Opt-in email communications to consumers and/or businesses
  • Append phone numbers or postal and email addresses to your database
  • Reach businesses and consumers across the country via email or postal
  • Design creatives
  • Design websites
  • Targeted b2b and b2c postal lists
  • Industry specific lead generation
  • Customize all of our abilities to suit your specific marketing needs
  • Co-Registration Leads
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Match and Market
  • National Change of Address Service for Postal Addresses
  • Banner Placement
  • Contextual Marketing
  • Mobile Text Marketing
  • Marketing consulting covering performance driven marketing solutions for the future. This is designed for the serious firms only that are ready to take a step to the next level of marketing.

Please do not hesitate to browse our site for all of the products we have to offer. If you do not see what you are looking for, perhaps there is something we can do to tailor our services to fit your requirements. Refer to our contact information below if you would like further assistance. Thank you for visiting The Right List Group!