Data Card

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Accountants  Doctors  Online shoppers/online retail
Advertising Agencies  Donors/nonprofit  Outdoors Enthusiast 
Affluent /High income Americans DuPont registry subscribers Overweight Americans 
Ailments sufferers/pharmaceutical  Electronic enthusiasts  Parents of children 
Alternative medicine seeker/Holistic Entrepreneurs Parents of Christian Children 
Alcohol/spirits companies Environmental/(Sustainable Lifestyle)  Pest control companies 
Amusement park Enthusiast  Extreme sports enthusiasts Pet Grooming Centers 
Antiques buyers/shops  Eyeglasses  Pet Owners 
Apparel shoppers  Fantasy football  Photography Enthusiast/photographers 
Architects/Engineers  Financial planners Political affiliation/registered voters 
Art Enthusiast  Financial   Pool owners 
Arthritis /Joint pain sufferers  Fishing  Enthusiast/Fish supply retail  Prenatal 
Artists/Art supply retail Frequent flyers property and casualty insurance 
Arts and craft enthusiasts  Frequent flowers buyers/retail Property Managers 
Astrology enthusiasts  Funerals service seekers/companies  Psychic enthusiasts/Readers 
Astronomy enthusiasts Furniture seekers/retail Quit smoking 
Audio/Video enthusiasts  Gamers  Real Estate Investor's /Agents 
Auto dealers/Auto hunters  Gardeners/Garden centers & Florists  Registered Nurses 
Auto repair seekers/Repair Shops  Gay/Lesbian Rental Car Companies 
Beach enthusiasts  General Consumer  Restaurants owners/frequent diners 
Boating Enthusiast/Boat owners/ retail  Golfers/Golf retail  Retail Shoppers /retail stores 
Book Enthusiast /Book stores Gun enthusiasts/dealers  Rodeos/Rodeo enthusiasts 
Brides to be/wedding vendors  Gymnastic enthusiasts/Gymnastic clubs Runners 
Business opportunity  seekers  Hair loss  Sales Managers 
Business owners  Health & beauty supply buyers /retail Self Help seekers 
Business professionals  Health care  Seminar Attendees 
Business to Business lists Health clubs/fitness seekers  Seniors 
Business Travelers  Health insurance seekers/providers  Sign companies 
Business under 50 employees  High-end art collectors  Singles 
Businesses with call centers  Home buyers/House hunters Skiing/Snowboarding junkies/ resorts 
Cabinet makers/woodworkers  Home owners/New home owners   small business owners 
Camping Enthusiast/retail Hotel/Motel decision makers  Small/Mid size business owners 
Career seekers  Human Resource Personnel  Software companies 
Cash advance seekers  Hunting Enthusiast  SOHO (small office home office) 
Catalog Shoppers/catalog retail  Information Technology personnel  Spa/salon enth & Spa/salon owners 
Cellular phone companies  Interior Designers  Spanish/Latin 
CFO's/Controllers  Investor's high income  Spiritual Enlightenment seekers 
Child Care Seekers and Centers  Jewelry Buyers  Sports Enthusiast/ retail companies 
Chiropractors    Job seekers  Sports leagues and clubs 
Christian Consumers/Christian retail  Large business owners  Supermarkets decision makers 
Churches  Lawyers  Supply chain personnel 
Cigar Enthusiast  Libraries/ bookstores  Survey responders 
C-Level Executives  Limo companies  Tanning Salons 
Coffee drinkers/Coffee shops Lottery/Sweepstakes players  Tattoo enthusiasts 
Collections agencies  Magazine Subscribers/retailers  Tax prep seeker/companies 
College students  Manufacturing personnel  Teacher's/educational products 
Commercial property investors Marketers/Marketing Titles  Timeshares Owners 
Computers Enthusiast/retail  Martial arts enthusiasts/instructors  Tourism/Travelers 
Concert/sporting good ticket buyers  Mexican consumers  Toys & Game seekers/retail
Contractors/Builders/Blue collar Military personnel  Trucking companies/Truckers 
Cooking enthusiasts  Millionaires  Tuxedo Outlets 
Couples & Lovers/Couples Services  Mortgage brokers  TV /movie enthusiast/ production Co 
Craft enthusiasts/Craft supply retail Music teachers/Students  UK lists 
Creative directors  Musician's/music enthusiasts  Vehicle owners 
Cruise travel vacationers  NASCAR Fans  Veterans
Debt relief seekers  Neck and back pain sufferers  Veterinarians 
Dentists  Night club owners/Night club enthusiasts  Video production/cable broadcasting 
Diabetics/diabetic supply companies  Non-Profit organizations  Visually impaired 
Distribution companies Nutrition enthusiasts/retail  Web hosting seekers/companies
DJ's Online education seekers  Wine Enthusiast/retail
Do it yourselfers  Online food suppliers  Women