Below are all the questions that need to be addressed to set up the email broadcast. If you have more than one campaign you will need to fill out this form for each campaign.


Creative guidelines: you can send us the completed html file or the image you would like to use for your ad.
1. Optimal dimension width 425 pixels by height 325 pixels or 7" by 8" (dimensions can be a bit larger if desired)
2. HTML version of the campaign - should be in a HTML format *.html or *.htm.
    (We do not accept HTML files created in MS-Word) If you are purchasing an optimization we will convert your jpg, pdf or doc file to an html file
3. If you are sending an image please send it as a jpg, gif or pdf format.
4. Your creative should have one landing page url.
5. Email creative weight should not exceed 40kb


Subject line guidelines
We will need at least 3 subject lines for testing. Please make sure that all of the subject lines submitted have less than 41 characters including spaces.  Use the following link to make sure you have no trigger words in your subject line. triggerwords.htm

1. My landing page url is

2. My "from line" is

3. My target selects are

4. Subject line 1

5. Subject line 2

6. Subject line 3

7. Snipit - The snipit is a 2 or 3 sentence text version of the ad that covers just about everything that is being said in the html version or image. You must also avoid trigger words within the snipit.

8. My broadcast target date is

Keep in mind all campaigns are loaded on the server in the order that we receive the creative approval. The target date above is just a guideline however if your approval does not come in while we still have server space on the date above we will have to send the campaign on a later date.

9. Please attach your creative material

10. Please read the content on the following link policies&procedures.htm

Yes, I have read and agree with the policies and procedures.