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Policies and Procedures
Please print and refer to these FAQ's when you have any questions about your broadcast.

  1. As soon as a creative is approved it will be loaded on the server for the launch date within the approval email. It will go out exactly how it was approved. No need to confirm if anything changes on our end we will let you know.
  2. You will always receive a new client discount along with a free email optimization when working with us and any other discounts I can get approved for you at the time.
  3. Read here to learn the best way to set up your lead form. Click here
  4. The fastest a campaign will go out is 6,000 emails per hour.
  5. Our approval emails come in the form of a link with all the campaign information within. (This system replaced a live seed.)
  6. Our tracking can be produced 24 hours after the last email is sent.
  7. Creatives work best with 1 or 2 links and just a post card sized image.
  8. No media should be on a landing page.
  9. Any creative changes could affect the broadcast date.
  10. We can create lists on the 15th of every month when we sent out our internal surveys.  Other wise our lists and selects can be found on the following link. .
  11. Subject lines should be under 41 characters including spaces and should not contain any text from the following link.
  12. All of our campaigns are chained together so we have no idea when one campaign ends and the next campaign begins. The only time we have any definite answers is when the campaign is completed. At that point the software sends us a project log. We can guarantee that the campaign will go out on the approved date.
  13. Campaigns should have a minimum 1 week idle time prior to any rebroadcast. There is no maximum time interval between broadcasts.
  14. Although you have specific dates set in place for campaign rebroadcasts, each rebroadcast must be approved via email just prior to the broadcast date. Even if it is as simple as an email sent from your self saying I approve my rebroadcast to deploy on the date of July 3rd (3 days prior to the requested rebroadcast date).
  15. All of our data is self reported data.
  16. Once a broadcast begins we cannot stop the broadcast. We can slow the broadcast down to 1 email sent per day and then speed the broadcast up when you are ready. This will give you time to keep us with your orders or make any changes such as subject line changes.
  17. We can not offer any campaign analysis until we see the campaign statistics. If a campaign is scheduled on a specific date it will be sent on that day unless you hear otherwise. If there are any delivery problems and your campaign has to be moved to another day you will receive an email prior to the broadcast time.
  18. Tracking, we are offering 2 forms of tracking. You will receive tracking from our server as well as a third party public tracking system. This will provide you with a second set of statistic from an un related company.
  19. We tend to exceed most expectations with our campaigns and we develop great relationships with our clients. With that in mind we will do everything we can to keep you happy and maintain our 88% residual client base.
  20. Turn around time:
    1 Reception of the signed invoice and payment
    2 Creative build/optimization
    3 Testing on our end.  The optimization and testing can be done within a day or at the latest 2 days, depending on how backed up our creative team is.
    4 Test approval. This can be done immediately unless you see any changes that need to be made to the creative.
    5 Once we receive your approval we load your creative and data on our server. So the process could take a day and a half if everything goes smoothly. However we never want to rush a campaign we would rather have a few more set up days just incase something comes up that needs to be tweaked. We load up our servers in the order that we receive approvals. If 20 people wanted to get their campaigns out on a Tuesday and there were only 10 spots left available for that Tuesday, the first 10 approvals would get the server slot. The next 10 would be moved to Wednesday.




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