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11:24 Design Advertising, Inc. Goodrum Advertising Inc. OIA Marketing Communications
21st Century Marketing Good Advertising, Inc. Old Fashion Foods Advertising
3marketeers Advertising, Inc. Goodwick/Liazon Leverage Marketing Services Old Mill Marketing
5 Stone Marketing, Advertising & Design Gordet & Schmidt, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations Old Navy Marketing
5-Star Lists Gordon Gelfond Associates Inc. Oldfield Davis, Inc.
919 Marketing Company Gosh! Advertising Pte. Ltd. O'Leary and Partners
A Bangor Letter Shop & Color Copy Center Gotcha Mobile Media Olive Design Inc.
A. Tomlinson/Sims Advertising, Inc. Gotham Advertising Olson
A.D. Adams Advertising, Inc. Gotham Incorporated Omega List Company,
A.D. Hembrough Advertising & Marketing Services Gould Advertising, Inc. Omnicom Group Inc.
A.S.A. Advertising, Inc. GraficaGroup O'Neil Griffin BODI Inc.
a2b (Advertising to Business) GraficaInter.active, Ltd. Online & Multimedia Marketing Group
A2Z MicroMarketing Grafik Marketing Communications On-Target Graphics, Advertising & Graphic Design
AAA Advertising Corporation Gragg Advertising Opt In Plus, Inc.
AAI (Advertising Associates International) Graham & Company Advertising, Inc. OPT IN, Inc.
Abacus - A Division of DoubleClick Graham Advertising Optic Nerve Direct Marketing
ABC (Advertising Business Consultants) Graham Group Interactive Options Media Group
Abel/Savage Marketing  Grainger Advertising, Inc. Oregon Newspaper Advertising Co.
ABI Marketing Public Relations Gram International Corp. Ornelas & Partners
Ability Marketing & Communications Ltd Grant Marketing Oscar P. Holtzman Advertising
About Lists, Inc. Graphia Advertising Agency OSL Communications
ABR Services Graphic Design Service Ott Communications, Inc.
AC Advertising Gray Loon Marketing Group, Inc. Ousset & Company Advertising, Inc.
Academic Services GRC Database Information, Outdoor Advertising Association of America
Accelerator Advertising Inc. Great Advertising Outdoor Vision
accentmarketing Great American Advertising Ovation Marketing
Accentmarketing Great Southwest Advertising Overdrive
AccuData America Great White Advertising Overhoff & Associates
AccuList USA GreatLists  m Oxford Communications, Inc.
Accutrend Data Corporation Green Advertising Pace & Partners
Acento Advertising, Inc. Green Dot Advertising & Marketing PACE Advertising
Aci/ Advanced Compilations Inc Green Team Advertising, Inc. Pacific Communications
ACP Marketing, Inc. Greenhouse Communications Pacific Marketing
Act One Lists GreenStreet Marketing Pacific Media Exchange
Action in mailing Greenvale Marketing Corp. Pacifico Inc.
action lists Greenwich Marketing & Advertising, Ltd. Padilla Speer Beardsley
Active Marketing Gregis Advertising, Inc. Palio Communications
Acton Grey Global Atlanta Palisades Entertainment
Acxiom Grey Healthcare Group Inc. Palley Advertising Inc.
Ad Dawg Advertising Grey Worldwide New York Palm Publicite Marketing Inc.
Adam Hill Advertising Corporation Greystock Advertising Pan Advertising s.r.l.
Adams & Knight Advertising/Public Relations Griff/SMC Pannos & Skeffington Marketing
Adams & Longino Advertising, Inc. Griffin Bodi & Krause Pappas Associates
Adamson Advertising, Inc. Griffin Public Relations & Marketing Paprocki & Co.
ADBASE Griffith & Coe Advertising, Inc. Paradise Advertising & Marketing
Adbrownies Advertising Grinning Moon Creative Paragon Advertising
ADCO Outdoor Advertising Grocery Shopping Network Paragon Direct
Addison & Associates Advertising and Public Relations Groen Marketing Services Park South, LLC
AD-ez Advertising Groppi Advertising Design Parker & Partners Marketing Resources, LLC
Adfiliation Advertising, Inc. Ground Zero Parris Advertising/Design
ADINC/J. Kaplan Advertising Group 365 (Chicago) LLC Partners & Levit Inc.
Adirondack Marketing Services, LLC Group Fifty Five Marketing Partnership of Packer, Oesterling & Smith (PPO&S)
Admark Advertising Limited Group One Pasadena Advertising
Ad-Mark Direct Group Two Advertising, Inc. Patapsco Advertising
ADMARKETING, Inc. GroupBaronet Pathfinders Advertising & Marketing Group
Adnet Advertising Agency, Inc. GRW Advertising Patient Marketing Group
Adspeak Marketing Communications GSP Marketing Services, Inc. Patriot Advertising
AD-SUCCESS Marketing GSW Worldwide Patz Marketing
ADV Marketing Group, Inc. Guaranteed Lists Paul A. De Jesse, Inc. Advertising
Advance Recruitment Advertising, Inc. Gumas Advertising Paul Schultz
Advanced Marketing Strategies Gump's Marketing Paulsen Marketing Communications, Inc.
Ad-Vantage Advertising Gustafson/Shields Advertising, Inc. Paulson & Michaels Advertising
Ad-Vantage List Marketing Inc Gutman Advertising LLC Pavone
Adventive Marketing, Inc. GWP, Inc. Paxton Communications
Advertising & Communication Associates, Inc. Gyro Worldwide Payne, Ross & Associates Advertising, Inc.
Advertising & Marketing Services H.E. Advertising PBIL Advertising
Advertising & Promotional Services, Inc.  H3 Communication PCI Advertising Services
Advertising Associates, Inc. Haan Marketing & Communications Peachtree Data
Advertising Checking Bureau Incorporated Hackmeister Advertising & Public Relations Co. Peacock Data, Inc.
Advertising Concepts International Ltd. Hadfield Communications PeakBiety, Inc.
Advertising Connection Hadley Green Creates Pearcy Tice Krizman Communications, Inc.
Advertising Development Specialists, Inc. Hagerty, Lockenvitz Advertising, Inc. Peavey Electronic Advertising
Advertising Distributors of America Inc. Haggerty & Associates Pedone & Partners Advertising, Inc.
Advertising Experts Haggman, Inc. Penn Garritano Direct Response Marketing
Advertising Impact Inc. HAL Advertising Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman, Inc.
Advertising Plus, Inc. Hale Communications Pennyhorse Advertising
Advertising Savants, Inc. Hall Media Group Pennyhorse Advertising Inc.
Advertising Service Agency Inc. Halladay Advertising, Inc. Perfect Circle Media Group
Advertising Ventures Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group Perich Advertising + Design
Advertising Works & Production Hamilton & Bond Advertising Inc. Periscope
ADWIZZ Advertising Services Hammerhead Advertising PermissionDirect  m
AFA O'Meara Advertising Hamon & Associates Perry Ballard Incorporated
Affiliated Direct Mail Hancock Advertising Agency Perry Media
Agencies Hancock Advertising Group, Inc. Persuasions
Agency Access Hanft Unlimited, Inc. Pete Palmer Advertising
Aggressive List Management, Inc. Hanna & Associates Inc. Peter A. Mayer Advertising, Inc.
AH&M Marketing Communications Hanson & Hanson Enterprises LLC Peter J. Marcus Advertising, Inc.
AK Advertising Harburger/Scott Advertising PeterAlex Media Corporation
AKA Direct, Inc.  Harold Warner Advertising, Inc. Peterson Milla Hooks
Akins Marketing & Design L.L.C. Harpell Pettus Advertising, Inc.
al Punto Advertising, Inc. Harris Ideas Peyton Solutions, Inc.
Al Shultz Advertising, Inc. Harris InfoSource Pfeifer Swan Creative Inc.
Alan Advertising Agency, Inc. Harris Marketing Group PFS Marketwyse
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Harris, Baio & McCullough Inc. PG Creative
ALC of New York Harrison Inc. Advertising & Promotion PGC Advertising, Inc.
Alcone Marketing Group Harrison Leifer DiMarco, Inc. PGM Integrated
Alesco Data Solutions, LLC Harrison Marketing & Advertising Pharmaka LLC
Alexander Marketing Services, Inc. Harry Viola Advertising Pharr Brothers, Advertising
Alexandria Advertising Associates Hart Associates, Inc. Philips & Associates
Alias Urban Marketing Harte-Hanks Phillips Marketing
A-LIST Harvey & Daughters, Inc. Phoenix Marketing Group, Inc.
All American List Corporation Harvey Associates-Direct Marketing Solutions PhotoMedia Advertising
All Star Incentive Marketing, Inc. Harvey Cameron Advertising Phyton, Inc.,
Allebach Advertising Harwood Marketing Group Pickett Advertising
Allegory Marketing Solutions Hauser Advertising Inc. Pierce-Cote Advertising
Allen Finley Advertising, Inc. Havit Advertising, LLC Pieter Van Den Busken B.V. Advertising & DM
Allen Graphic Design HavrillaCorrigan Advertising Pioneer National Advertising, Inc.
Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions, LLC Hawaiian Tropic Advertising Pip Printing
Allied Advertising & Marketing hawkeye FFWD Pita Communications
Allied Advertising, Public Relations Haworth Marketing & Media Company PL&P Advertising
AllMedia Inc. Hayden Marketing Plan B
All-Ways Advertising Company Haynes Marketing Network, Inc. Planet Advertising Group
Alpha Marketing & Consulting Haynes Retail Advertising Planning Group International
Alstin Advertising, Inc. HCA (Hair Club Advertising) PlattForm Advertising
Alternative & Innovative Marketing, LLC HCD Advertising Platypus Advertising + Design
Alternative Marketing Solutions, Inc. Headcount Field Marketing Plaza Advertising Inc.
Alvion, Inc. HeadQuarters Advertising Inc. Plumbline Studios, Inc.
AM/PM Advertising Inc. Hear Spot Run Advertising & Marketing PM Publicidad
AM+D marketing communications Heartland Advertising Poggenpohl Advertising Group
Amalgamated Advertising LLC Heathcote Communications Point to Point Communications
Amazon Advertising Hebert Communications Inc. Point Zero Advertising SA
Amberger Design Group Heil-Brice Poller & Jordan Advertising Agency, Inc.
Ambit Marketing Communications Heinzeroth Marketing Group, Inc. Popofsky Advertising, Inc.
AMC2 HeldDiedrich Porte Advertising, Inc.
Amergent Heminger Advertising Portland Outdoor Advertising Ltd.
Americalist - Division of Haines & Company, Inc. Hemsing Advertising, Inc. Posner Advertising
American Advertising Services Henderson Advertising, Inc. PostMasterDirect
American Business Advertising Henesy Rabin Advertising Potash Advertising, Inc.
American Business Information Henke & Associates, Inc. Powell & Partners Creative
American Computer Group Henry Gill Advertising Power Point Marketing Firm
American List Counsel Henry Nachman Associates Power Promotions
American List Counsel Inc. Henry Nachman Associates, Inc. Powers Agency
American Red Ball Marketing Services Herman Associates, Inc. POWERWORKS Studio
American Student List Hermann Advertising Design/Communications Poyraz Advertising
AmericanDirectMail  m Heywood Formatics & Syndication Poza Consulting Services
America's Media Marketing, Inc. HFI Inc./Hank Forssberg Advertising PPI Marketing Group
AmeriComm HFM U.S.lists Pradinuk Advertising
Amf Mail Advertising HHB Advertising Precision Arts Advertising Inc.
AMH&E Marketing Communications Hibernia National Bank Marketing Preferred Direct Marketing
AMP Agency (Alloy Marketing & Promotion) Highet Kracker Premier Advertising
ampagency Highwood Communications Ltd. Premier Data Group
Ampers & Studio Hill Holliday Prescott/Levinson, Inc.
Am-Pro Mailing List Co Hill, Holliday/New York PreVision Marketing, LLC
Am-Pro Mailing List Company Hindsight Management Inc. Prezens Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
Anchor Computer, Inc. Hispana Comunicacion Integral Price Communications
Andell Advertising & Design Hispanic Outdoor Advertising PriceWeber Marketing Communications, Inc.
Anderson Marketing Group Hispanicmark Advertising, Inc. Primate Marketing Consultants (PMC)
Anderson Solone Inc.  Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc. Prime Access, Inc.
Anderson-Madison Advertising, Inc. HK Advertising, Inc. Princeton Communications Group, Inc.
Andis Advertising HMC Advertising Princeton MarkeTech
Andrea Charles Advertising, Inc. HMC Advertising LLC Princeton Partners, Inc.
Andrews Birt Advertising HMH Print Mail of Maine
ANEW Marketing Group Hodges Associates, Inc. Printz Advertising
Angry Ingine Advertising & Design Hoffman York Priority Marketing
Anita Santiago Advertising, Inc. Holland Communications Prism Marketing Partners
Anthony Thomas Advertising Hollyrock/Miller Marketing Communications Prodialog 2000 Marketing & Communication
Aoi Advertising Promotion Inc. Holsted Marketing, Inc. Produce Marketing Association
API Advertising HomeData Corporation Product Marketing Group, Inc.
Applica Advertising Homeowners Marketing Services Inc. Professional Planners Marketing Group, LLC
Applied Information Group Hood Marketing Solutions Prom Krog Altstiel Inc.
Aragon Advertising Hopper Advertising Promark Direct Marketing Concepts Inc.
Argus Advertising & Multicultural Marketing Horah Direct Propointe
Arnold Worldwide Canada Horecagids Nederland Pros Marketing of America, Inc.
Array Marketing Horich Parks Lebow Advertising Prospect DB
ARRCO Medical Advertising Inc. Horizon Marketing Communications, Inc. Prospects Influential
Arregui International Advertising Hot Dish Advertising Agency Proterra Advertising
Arrow Direct Inc Howard M. Schwartz & Associates, Inc. Prototype Marketing & Design, Inc.
ARS Advertising Inc. Howard, Merrell & Partners, Inc. Proxix
Ars Strategic Mail Services HP Marketing Corp. prsMedia
Artavia HR Direct Inc. Pruitt Humphress Powers & Munroe, Inc., Marketing & Communications
Articus Ltd. Marketing Communications HR Marketing PTI
ARVH Marketing & Communicatie HRH Advertising Public Communications Worldwide
Arvizu Advertising & Promotions Hsmith consult Public New York
Asa Bailey Viral Advertising Ltd. HMKTG  Public Relations Marketing, Inc.
Asahi Advertising Inc. HR marketingfile   Publishers Advertising Associates
AS-C Advertising Anchorcomputer  Pugliese Creative
Ascendant Advertising, LLC Businesslistsuk   Pulsar Advertising, Inc.
Asia Advertising Agency, Inc. Dataquotes     Pumphrey Marketing, Inc.
Askey Marketing & Design Dbsdata     Pure Octane
Aspen Marketing Services Dirmarketing  m/dmginc/ PUSH
asri  m/Advertising Services  Dnb  m/nl qd Solutions, Inc.
Asset Marketing Systems  E-dee.net QLM Marketing
asset protection foundation Edmlist  m/statik/pages/accueil.htm Quanta Advertising
Associated Advertising Electricmarketing     Queue Creative Marketing Group LLC
Athena Advertising, L.L.C. Fletel     Quigley-Simpson
Atlantic List Company Globaldmsolutions  m/ Quill/AWA Enterprises
Atlas Advertising Hilitedms     Quiller & Blake
Atlas Advertising Ltd Kvk.nl Quinlan Marketing Communications
Attaway Advertising Listbroker Quinn Fable Advertising
Augustus Barnett Advertising/Design Marketscan     R&J Advertising Inc.
Australian Direct Marketing Association Medlist     R&R Marketing, LLC
Authentic Marketing Milleniumleads   R.J. Dale Advertising & Public Relations
Automated Info Solutions Selectabase     r.j. kolar, inc.
Automated Resources Group Inc. Shopgaithersburg   R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations
AVA Advertising Taitsmedical     R.N. Johnson & Associates Creative Marketing
Avenue A / Razorfish Targetlists     R3 Advertising, LLC
Aviva Marketing Partners Ukmarketingmanagement  m/ RAC Advertising
Avnet Electronics Marketing Huang Communications Radiant RM
Avnet Technology Solutions Huber Advertising & Marketing Radio Direct Response
Axiss Advertising Huber Marketing Group, Inc. Radix Communications, Inc.
Axxis Advertising LLC Hughes Rain Advertising + Interactive
B Scene Public Relations & Advertising Hugo Dunhill Mailing Lists Inc., Rainbow Rock Advertising
B. Papin Advertising, Inc. Hult Fritz Matuszak Rainmaker & Sun Integrated Marketing
B.D. Fox & Friends, Inc. Advertising Hunt Adkins Rainy Day Productions
B.M. Hesse Advertising, Inc. Hunter Advertising Ramsey Advertising
Bailey Group Hunter/Rossini/Boleslav Rand Advertising
Baine & Shephard Huntington Advertising & Public Relations RAP Communications Inc.
Baker & Associates Advertising, Inc. Huntington Advertising, Inc. Rapp Collins Worldwide
Ball Seed Advertising Huntington Legal Advertising RappDigital
Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising Hurley, Chandler & Chaffer Rattle Advertising
Barbeau-Hutchings Advertising, Inc. Hurrelbrink Advertising, Inc. Rawle-Murdy Associates, Inc.
Barber Martin Advertising Hurst Advertising & Public Relations Ray Advertising
Barefoot Advertising Husky Advertising Inc. RCS Response Technologies, Inc.
Barradas Yeaton & Wold I.D.E.A. Advertising RDM Marketing Services
Barron Marketing Communications I2i Communications RDW Group Inc.
Barry Banks Blakeney Advertising Pty. Ltd. iADVISO re:group, inc.
BASCO-Business Advertising  Idea Bank Marketing Re:Think Group
Basset & Becker Advertising Idea Engineering, Inc. Reality2
Battenfeld Gloucester  Idea Squad Really Good Copy Co.
Battenfeld Gloucester  Ideas That Deliver Realservice Advertising Agency, Inc.
Baublitz Advertising Idex Creative Marketing RealTIME Media, Inc.
Bay Head Advertising, Inc. Ils Business Services Inc Rebolucion
Bayard Advertising Agency, Inc. IM Advertising Recognition Marketing and Public Relations
BBC Advertising Image Advertising, Inc. Red Advertising
BCA (Brian Cronin & Associates Inc.) Image Media Services, Inc. Red Ball Tiger
Bcd Systems Inc Images & Concepts, Inc. Red Brick Design
BDS Marketing IMAGES USA Red Brown Kle
Beach List Services, Imagesetters Red Deluxe Brand Development
Beacon Hill Advertising, LLC Imaginasium Inc. Red Door Interactive, Inc.
Bear Enthusiast Marketing Group ImagineThat Red Flannel
Bechtel Advertising IMARK Integrated Marketing Services Red Moon Marketing
Becker & Frechette Inc. IMC Strategies Red Peg Marketing
Bedford Advertising Inc. IMPACT Marketing & Public Relations, Inc. Red Rocket Media Group
Beeby Advertising Pty. Ltd. Imperial Advertising, Ltd. Red Rocks Advertising Ltd.
Beekman Marketing, Inc. Imprint/Kopy King Red Wagon Advertising & Design
Behind the Scenes Marketing In House Advertising Red7e
Beijing Asiaray Advertising InAdGe B.V., RedClayMedia
Bell Advertising Service Inca Tanvir Advertising, Ltd. REDSTONE Communications Inc.
BellSouth Advertising & Publishing Corp. inChord Communications Inc. Reed Advertising
Beltrame Leffler Advertising Incite Communications Reese
Ben Marketing Group Industrial Marketing Services, Inc. Reese, Tomases & Ellick, Inc. (RT&E)
Benaul Associates Advertising inferno Reeser & Sperling Advertising
Benchmark Advertising Infinite Gravity Data Services Reeser Advertising Associates, Inc.
Benedict Advertising Infinite Marketing Solutions, Inc. Regberg & Associates, Inc.
Benghiat Marketing & Communications Infinite Media Reid/O'Donahue & Associates Advertising, Inc.
Benjamin & Ribaudo Advertising Inc. Infinity Advertising Reilly Advertising
Bensur Creative Marketing Group Infocore Relativity, Inc.
Benton Newton & Partners Advertising Inform, Inc. Remer Inc.
Berni Marketing & Design Information Analytics, Inc. Renegade Marketing Group
Bernstein-Rein Advertising, Inc. InfoUSA Inc. Resh Marketing Consultants, Inc.
Best Buy Advertising Dept. Infusion Inc. Respond2 Cmedia
Best Mailing Lists, Inc. Ingraham & Associates Advertising Response Media Products, Inc.
Best Priced Lists Initio, Inc. Response Mine
Beta Advertising Services Innis Maggiore Response Unlimited
Bethesda List Center InnoDATAve Solutions, LLC Responsive Marketing Communications, Inc.
Beyond Interactive Innovative Partners, Inc. Result Marketing AB
Bezos/Nathanson Marketing Group Insight Advertising Design Marketing Results Direct Marketing
BFL Marketing Communications Intagio Media Results, Inc., Advertising Agency
bfw Advertising + Interactive Integrated Business Services, Inc. Reynolds & Associates
Big River Advertising Integrated Marketing & Advertising Limited RGT Advertising Agency
BigMailBox Integrated Marketing Group (IMG) Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications
Bill Gershon Marketing Communications Integrated Marketing Services Rhycom Strategic Advertising
Bill Hudson & Associates, Inc., Integrative Logic Marketing Group Riallus Advertising, Inc.
Black & Veatch Corporate Marketing & Branding Inter Direct Marketing Richard Desberg & Associates
Black & White Advertising, Inc. Inter/Media Advertising, Inc. Richartz Fliss Clark & Pope
Blain Olsen White Gurr Advertising Interactive Marketing Group Richter7
Blanchard Schaefer Advertising  InterLingua Advertising & Design Rick Wong Design
BLF Marketing Intermark Group, Inc. Ridge Advertising (Marketing) Ltd.
Bliss Marketing Multimedia Intermarkets Advertising Group Riester-Robb
Block Advertising & Marketing InterMedia Riger Advertising Agency, Inc.
Bloom Advertising International Contact, Inc. Rinehart Advertising, Inc.
Blue Bell Advertising Associates International Direct Response Inc. Ripley-Woodbury Marketing Communications, Inc.
Blue Dart Advertising InterStar Marketing & Public Relations Ripple Marketing
BLUE Interactive Marketing Intertrend Comm, Inc. Risdall Advertising
Blue Line Marketing IQ Interactive Rita Sanders Advertising & Public Relations Agency Inc.
BMC Advertising Ira Morton Agency, Advertising & Public Relations Ritta & Associates
Bocca Direct Marketing Inc. ISA Advertising Rittenhouse Marketing Associates
Bodine Marketing Group, Inc. I-Site, Inc. Rives Carlberg
Bodner Advertising Island Resort & Golf Club Rizzuti/Austin Marketing Group
Boelter + Lincoln Marketing Communications ISS Abonnementenservice, RK Promotions & Advertising Inc.
Bolger Advertising J Stokes & Associates RLA Group Limited
Bolin Marketing & Advertising J&H Advertising RLR Advertising Inc.
Bolt Advertising J&M Advertising, Inc. RMD Advertising
Boomm! Marketing & Communications J. Greg Smith, Inc. RMI Marketing & Advertising
Borg Advertising Consultants, Inc. J. Herman Sitrick Advertising, Inc. RMP List Management
Boscobel Marketing Communications J. Hunter Advertising Inc. RMR & Associates, Inc.
Boston Audio Society J. May Marketing/Media Robert A. Paul Advertising Agency, LLC
Bothwell Marketing J. O'Connor & Matthews, Inc. Robert Goldberg & Associates
Bousum G Enterprises J. Stokes & Associates, Inc. Robert Hund Incorporated
Boyden & Youngblutt Advertising & Marketing J.M. Perrone Co., Inc. Robert J. Berns Advertising
BQR Advertising & Public Relations J.R. Direct Response International Roberts & Tarlow
Braaten-Pardini Marketing  J.S. Blade Advertising Agency, Inc. Roberts Advertising
Brad4d Advertising & Public Relations J.T. Mega Marketing Communications Roberts Communications & Marketing
Bradham-Hamilton Advertising, Inc. J.W. Morton & Associates Roberts Communications Inc.
Bradley & Montgomery Advertising J2 Marketing Services Inc. Robertson Wood Advertising
Bradshaw Advertising ja&g advertising, Inc. robfrankel  m
Bradshaw Associates in Advertising, Inc. Jaap-Orr Company Robin Jones Consulting LLC
Brady Marketing Group, Inc. Jack Morton Worldwide Rocket Studios
Brain Storm Advertising Jackson-Dawson, Integrated Marketing Communications Rockey & Rockwell Advertising, Inc.
Brainstorms Advertising & Marketing, Inc. Jacobs & Clevenger, Inc. RodriguezMejer Advertising LLC
Brand Savvy Advertising Jacobson Rost ROI Marketing
Brandit Advertising Oy JAN Kelley Marketing Rollinson Advertising Design
Brandon Advertising Jan Mergel & Associates Roman Brand Group
Braneti Advertising Group Janet Hughes & Associates Rome & Company
Brashe Advertising, Inc. Janis Brown & Associates Romoff, Newman, Cesark & Daraio, llc. (RNCD)
Bravo! Marketing, Inc. Jasin Advertising Ron Foth Advertising
Bread & Butter Advertising Jay Advertising, Inc. Ron Semler's Advertising
Breiter Marketing Jay Michael Wolf Advertising, Inc. Ronald R. Wren Advertising, Inc.
Bressler Advertising Jay/Barr Advertising, Inc. Roni Hicks & Associates
Brickmill Marketing Services JB West Rosabel Advertising Ltd.
Briechle-Fernandez Marketing Services Inc. JB&A Advertising, Inc. Rosen & Brichta
Brigandi & Associates, Inc. JC Marketing Associates Inc. Rosenthal Partners, Inc.
Briggs Advertising JDL Marketing, Inc. Roska Direct
Brighton Advertising, Inc. JDM Communication Ross Advertising, Inc.
Brightside Advertising Jea Edman Adverising, Inc. Ross Creative + Strategy
Brindley Advertising Ltd. Jeff Flowers Advertising, Inc. Ross/Brown Integrated Marketing Communications, Inc.
Brodeur Group Jeffrey/Scott Advertising Roth Advertising, Inc.
Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing Jerry Strom & Company Rotter Group Inc.
Brooks Advertising Jet Advertising Round2 Communications, LLC
Brown & Miller Advertising, Inc. JFD Advertising & Public Relations Roy Ritola & Associates
Brown-Forman Media Services/B-F Advertising JGF Communications Royce & Rader, Inc. Advertising
Browning Advertising JH&A Advertising RP Media Group
BSA Advertising, Inc. JLH Advertising, Inc. RPA
BSB Advertising JLK Advertising, Inc RPA Interactive Services
Buck Marketing, Ltd JMC Marketing Communications & PR RPM Advertising
Budget Data Services Jocoto Advertising RPM Advertising & Marketing
BulletMail John D. Morgan Co. RPM Ltd.
Bullseye Database Marketing LLC John D. Robertson Advertising Co. Ltd. RPM Marketing & Promotions
Bullseye Marketing, Inc. John Manlove Advertising RS Enterprises
Burgess Advertising & Associates, Inc. Johnson & Murphy RS Walters Advertising
Burk Advertising & Marketing Johnson Associates Advertising RTC Relationship Marketing
Burke Advertising Johnson Cowan Hanrahan Rubin Response Services, Inc.
Burton-Miles Advertising, Inc. Johnson Design Group Rubin Response Services, Inc.,
Business Services Johnson Direct Rueckert Advertising
Business Words Johnson Marketing Group Inc. Ruff Design
Business-to-Business (BtB)  Johnson Ukropina Creative Marketing Rumba Direct, Inc.
Buyer Advertising, Inc. Johnson, Cogert & Strauss Russell & Herder
Buzzsaw Advertising & Design Inc. JohnsonLane  m Marketing Services Russell Bensmen Marketing
Bynums Advertising Service JohnsonRauhoff Marketing Communications RV Design Advertising Agency
C. Reimer Advertising Ltd. Joiner Rowland Serio RW Lynch Company Inc.
Cactus Marketing Communications, Inc. Jomar Advertising Ryan Marketing Partners, LLC
California Outdoor Advertising Jomira Advertising Ryan Partnership
California Raisin Marketing Board Jon Byk Advertising, Inc. S&C Advertising & Public Relations
Calypso Communications LLC Jon Rost Associates, LLC S&E Advertising
Campaign Connections, Jonathan & Williams Advertising S&H Advertising
Campbell LaCoste Marketing & Advertising Jones & Thomas, Inc. S.O.J.E./Lonsdale Advertising Inc./Y&R
Canadian Marketing Association Jones Advertising & Marketing S.R. Video Pictures, Ltd.
Candid Marketing Jones Seel Huyett S.T. Vreeland Advertising
Cantele, Sedivy & Associates  Jopari Realty Group, Inc.-Advertising Division Saatchi & Saatchi
Cape Cod Mailing Lists Jordan Anderson Advertising Sable Advertising Systems, Inc.
Capitol Marketing Group, Inc. Jordan Associates Saeshe Advertising
Caponigro Marketing Group, LLC Joseph Pedott Advertising & Marketing, Inc. Sage Advertising
Carlson Business Media JP&R Advertising Agency Inc. Sagent Technology, Inc.
Carney Direct Marketing JPM Marketing Communications Sail Marketing & Communications
Carol Ann Marketing JRL Advertising & Sales Promotion, Inc. Saint Paul Advertising Company
Carol H Williams Advertising Agency JRP U.S.A. Advertising Sales Development Associates
Carol H. Williams Advertising JS&A Advertising SalesLeads.tv
Carolina Advertising Services, LLC JSJ Advertising Agency Samaniego Advertising Agency
Carolina Fulfillment and Mail, Inc. Juergensen Advertising & Consulting Sampson/Carnegie, Co., Inc.
Carolina Public Relations/Marketing, Inc. Juice Communications Sanders/Wingo Advertising, Inc.
Caron Marketing Associates Inc. Julie J. Mouvery Advertising & Design Services Sanna Mattson MacLeod, Inc.
Carter Advertising, Inc. Justice & Young Advertising & Public Relations Santy Advertising
Carter Ryley Thomas  JWT Technology Sasquatch Advertising
Casey's Advertising K Advertising Agency Saunders-Ream Advertising & Marketing
Cass, Inc. K&K Advertising Associates Savage Solutions, LLC
Castells & Asociados Advertising K&L Field Marketing, LLC Say It With Words
Castle Advertising K&S Advertising Agency, Inc. SBA Advertising & Marketing
Catalina Marketing Corporation K. Fernandez and Associates, LLC SBC Advertising
Catalog Marketing Services Kaiser Marketing, Inc. Schadler Kramer Group Advertising
Catalpha Advertising & Design Kalis & Associates Advertising Schafer Advertising
Catalyst Direct Marketing Kalmar Responsive Ad/Marketing Corp. Scheer Advertising & Norman J. Stevens
Catalyst Marketing Communications Inc. Kamen Advertising Schifino Lee Advertising
Catalyst Marketing Design Kang & Lee Advertising Schneider & Associates Advertising
CC Stephens & CO Kanter International Schober Information Group Nederland
CC3 Karlin+Pimsler Schramm & Associates
CCA Advertising Karsh & Hagan Communications, Inc. Schroeder Advertising, Inc.
CCM Marketing Communications Kaufman Advertising Schupp Company, Inc.
CDHM Advertising Kaufman Advertising Agency Sciortino Advertising, Inc.
CEA Marketing Group Kaye Two Advertising SCM Associates,
Celtic Marketing, Inc. Kayen Advertising Agency Scott Cooper Associates, Ltd.
Centra Marketing & Communications, LLC KD Mailing & Fulfillment Secret Weapon Marketing
Centrus KDJ Advertising LLC Sedgwick Rd.
Century List Services KEA Advertising See of San Francisco
CES Advertising Keane Advertising Seed Corn Advertising
Chan Tsang Wong Chu & Mee Advertising Keating Magee Advertising, Public Relations Seidel O'Neil Advertising
Chantilly, VA Keating Magee Momentum Marketing Seiter & Miller Advertising, Inc.
Chappelle Ciafardini Advertising Associates Keen Branding SendTec Inc.
Charles Duff Advertising Agency, Inc. Keenan-Nagle Advertising SendTraffic
Charles F. Beardsley Advertising Keene Advertising Seneca Advertising
Chavin Lambert Advertising Keenote Marketing, Sense Advertising Consultant Agency
Cherry Advertising, Inc. Keeper of the List Sentrix Global Health Communications
Cherry Marketing Institute Keiler & Company Sephora Marketing
Cheryl Andrews Marketing Communications Kelley & Company Serino Coyne Inc.
Chessie lists Inc. Kelley Habib John Service Innovation Group
Chevalier Advertising, Inc. Kelley Swofford Roy, Inc. Service Station Advertising Agency
Chicago Advertising Agency Kelliher Samets Volk Servoss Public Relations & Marketing, Inc.
China Enterprises International  Kellner Fuller McBride Advertising SF Interactive, Inc.
Chisano Marketing Communications Kelly Michener Inc. SFGT Advertising Inc.
ChoicePoint Kenneth J. Krutick Advertising Shable & Associates
ChoicePoint Precision Marketing Kerker Shadowbox Marketing
Chuo Senko Advertising Co., Ltd. Ketchum Directory Advertising Shah Direct Marketing
Church & Dwight Advertising Kevin J. Ash Creative Design, LLC Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications, Inc.
Church & Main Advertising KGB Advertising Shanghai Advertising & Decorating Co., Ltd.
Cicero Marketing & Communications KH Advertising Sharavsky Communications
Ciociola & Company Advertising, Inc. Killey Withy Punshon Advertising Pty Ltd. (kwp!) Shark Communications
Cipriano Advertising, Inc. Killian & Company Advertising Shasho Jones Direct
Circle of One Marketing KingsBridge Advertising Shaw Advertising & Marketing
Citizens for Global Solutions Kinloch Marketing, Inc. Shelby Williams In-House Advertising Agency
City Mail Kinzie & Green Inc. Sheldon Fredericks Advertising Assoc., Inc.
CJ Street & Associates Kirkman/3hree/Advertising, Inc. Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing
Claritas Inc. KJD Advertising, Inc. Sherwood Advertising, Inc.
Clarity Advertising & Design Kleber & Associates Marketing & Communications Shirley/Hutchinson Creative Works
Clarity Coverdale Fury Advertising, Inc. Kleidon & Associates Shopsmith Advertising
Clark J Alexander & Associates Klein Mickaelian Partners Shoultz & Associates Advertising, Inc.
Clarke Advertising & Public Relations Klemtner Advertising Inc. Show Management Advertising
Classified Advertising Plus, Inc. Kline Showboat Advertising
Clayman Advertising KnowledgeBase Marketing Siano Pinckney & Hugo Advertising
CLC Advertising, Inc. Knupp & Watson, Inc. SiboneyUSA
Clevesy & CO Inc. Kochan & Company Inc. Sic 'Em Advertising Inc.
ClientLogic, Kokopelli Communications Group, Inc. Sid Paterson Advertising, Inc.
Cline Design Kolber Marketing & Public Relations Sides & Associates, Inc.
CMB Victory Company Kolber Marketing Inc. Siegel Communications
CMI Marketing, Inc. Koppelman & Associates Siegfried Merz Werbeagentur fur Direktmarketing GmbH
CoActive Marketing Group, Inc. Korey Kay & Partners Sigma Group
Coast To Coast Advertising, Inc. Kostman/Schmid & Associates, Inc. SIGMA Marketing Group
Cognos Advertising, Inc. Kovel/Fuller Signal Creative Communiactions
Colbear Advertising Limited KPA Healthcare Advertising Signature Advertising
Collage Advertising KPR Siltanen & Partners
Collage Advertising Design KQ&R Advertising, Inc. Silver Communications, Inc.
Collateral Marketing Concepts, LLC Krause Advertising, Inc. Simms & McIvor Marketing Communications
College Marketing Bureau Inc. Krell Advertising Simon & Schuster Advertising
Columbia University Press Advertising Group Krementz Advertising Simon Group, Inc.
Commercial Mailing Lists Krienik Advertising, Inc. Simons Michelson Zieve, Inc.
Communications Advertising, Inc. Kroll Direct Marketing SimStar Inc.
Communications Associates Marketing, LLC Kron & Associates Advertising Inc. Singer Direct
CommuniQue Marketing KRT Marketing Siquis, Ltd.
company Kruskopf Coontz Sitek Marketing/Communications
company nam KTK Design SK Advertising
Concentric Healthcare Advertising Kuhn & Wittenborn, Inc. SK&A Information Services, Inc.
Concord, CA Kupper Parker Communications, Inc. (KPC) Sky Advertising, Inc.
Concrete Media KW Advertising Slade Creative Marketing
Conill Advertising, Inc. KWGC, Inc. Advertising & Design SLG Advertising
Conover Tuttle Pace L&J Advertising Slingshot, LLC
Conrad Advertising L.I.S.T. Incorporated., Smart Advertising
Conrad, Phillips & Vutech, Inc. L.K. Advertising Agency Smart Advertising, Inc.
Consellgruppe Advertising Agency L.L. Russoniello Advertising Smart Target Marketing
Consolidated Advertising Directors, Inc. L.W. Ramsey Advertising Agency Smee's Advertising Limited
Consumers Made Easy L3 Advertising Inc. SmileyHanchulak Marketing Communications
Contact Centers Unlimited, La Agencia de Orci & Asociados SMITH
Contact Marketing, Inc., Laird Christianson Advertising, Inc. Smith & Jones
Continental Marketing Lake Group Media, Inc.,, Smith Brothers Advertising LP
Continental Marketing  Lam-Andrews Inc. Smith Davis Miyasaki Advertising
continue Lamar Advertising Company Smith Design Associates
Contract Advertising (India) Limited Lambesis Smith Marketing Group
Converse Marketing Landers & Partners, Inc. Smith/Junger/Wellman
Convey Advertising Landry & Associates SN&O Advertising
Conyers Communications LaPlaca Cohen Advertising Solar Velocity
CooperDirect Advertising Lara & Company Solomon Friedman Advertising
Copacino + Fujikado, LLC Larry Powell & Associates, Inc. Sonnenberg, Haviland & Partners, Inc.
Copley Mediaworks Larson O'Brien Advertising Sopexa USA
Corcillo Direct, Inc. Larstan Business Reports Sorensens Reklame & Marketing A/S
Corder Philips & Wilson, Inc. Latcha+Associates Sorget & Associates
Core Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Latin Force LLC Sossaman & Associates
Core Group Advertising, Inc. LatinWorks Marketing, Inc. Sound Advertising
Cornerstone Latorra, Paul & McCann Source Communications
Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions Laughlin Marinaccio & Owens Advertising Source Marketing LLC
Cornyn & Partners Laughlin/Constable, Inc. Southern Advertising
CORPORANTES, Inc. LaunchSquad SP Advertising
Corporate Communications Launey, Hachmann & Harris, Inc. Spanish Marketing
Corporate Communications, Inc. Lawrance Direct Llc Sparky's Garage
Corporate Express Recruitment Advertising Services Lawrence & Ponder Ideaworks Spearhall Advertising & Public Relations
Cortani, Morrison & Tobin Lawrence & Schiller, Inc. Specialist
Cosmetic Imports Marketing Group, Inc. Lawrence Butner Advertising, Inc. Specialist Computer Centres
Cote & D'Ambrosio Lawton Advertising & Public Relations SpectraCom, Inc.
Coudriet: Design Lazzari & Green Advertising Spectrum Mailing Lists
Cove-Ito Advertising Ltd. LBL Media Advertising Agency Spectrum Marketing, Inc.
Cowboy Lead411 Spencer Zahn & Associates
CoxRasmussen & Cross Marketing  LeadCell  m Sperry & Associates
Coyne Advertising & Public Relations Leader Advertising Agency, Inc. Spiker Communications, Inc.
Coyne Beahm Shouse Leadership Directories, Inc. Spin Recruitment Advertising
CP Enterprises, Inc. LeadMasters Inc. Spiro & Associates Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations
CPC Advertising Leapfrog Advertising Spizel Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations
CPR Strategic Marketing Communications Leapfrog Online Splash Communications
CramerSweeney Marketing Communications Ledger Bennett Advertising Ltd. SponsorClick
Crawford Advertising Associates, Ltd. Lee & Associates Advertising & Marketing Inc Sports Venue Advertising, Inc.
Crawley & Company Incorporated Lee & Nightingale Advertising Ltd. Spotlight Advertising
CRC Marketing Solutions Lee Advertising Square One Marketing
Creativa Advertising Agency Left Brain LLC SRB Marketing, Inc.
Creative Advertising & Placement Lefton Company SRI Advertising
Creative Automation Legend Advertising SRK
Creative Consulting Marketing Communications Legion Advertising St. Jacques Marketing
Creative Department LehmanMillet Stackpole & Partners Advertising
Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc. Lekasmiller Design Staley, Fox Inc.
Creative Direct Response, Inc. Lenac, Warford, Stone, Inc. Stan & Lou Advertising
Creative Heads Advertising, Inc. Leo Burnett Company Ltd. Stand Advertising
Creative Images Inc. Leo Burnett Worldwide, Inc. Stanford Creative Group
Creative Insurance Marketing Co. Leon Henry Inc. Stanley H. Murray Advertising
Creative Link Advertising Leopold Ketel & Partners Stanley Kolker & Associates
Creative Marketing Plus Inc. Lessing-Flynn Advertising Co. Star Media,
Creative Marketing Resources Let Go Starlight Advertising Pte Ltd.
Creative Marketing Specialists, Inc. Levenson & Hill, Inc. Starmark International, Inc.
Creative Media, Incorporated Leverage Marketing Group Starr Seigle Advertising
Creative Options Advertising Levin Public Relations & Marketing, Inc. start
Creative Priority LevLane Advertising/PR/Interactive Staszak Communications
Creative Solutions International Lewis Advertising Agency Stations Advertising
Creative/Suit & Tighe Lewis Advertising Company Inc. Statlistics
Creative@Large Lewis Advertising, Inc. Stauch Vetromile & Mitchell Advertising & Public Relations
Creature Lewis Communications Stebbings Associates Inc.
Creighton Younnel Advertising LH Advertising Agency Inc. Steele & Associates, Inc.
Crest Advertising Agency, Inc. LHH&F, Inc. Stein Rogan + Partners
Cresta Group Liaison Marketing Communications, Ltd. Steiner Sports Marketing
Creston & Associates LLC Lida Advertising Company Stephan Advertising Agency, Inc.
Crimsons Public Relations & Marketing Limited Liggett-Stashower, Inc. Stephens & Associates Advertising, Inc.
Crispin Porter + Bogusky Lighthouse Marketing Stephens Advertising, Inc.
Cristol Marketing Company Lindman Advertising, Inc. Sterling CI
Crittenden Advertising Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, Inc. Sterling Rice Group
CRK Advertising Lindsey Design Works Stern Advertising, Inc.
CRM Broker, Linear Strategic Communications Stevens Advertising
Crocker/Flanagan Linett & Harrison Stevens Baron Communications, Inc.
Cronin & Company, Inc. Link Advertising Steward Marketing, LLC
Crosby Marketing Communications Linx Communications Corp. Stewart Advertising, Inc.
Cross Keys Advertising & Marketing, Inc. Lipof Advertising Stiegler, Wells, Brunswick & Roth, Inc.
Crossbow Group, LLC Lippi & Co. Advertising Stir Advertising & Integrated Marketing
Crossover Creative Group List Emporium Inc. Stoltz Marketing Group
Crossroads Communications List Locators & Mangers, Inc. Stone & Simons Advertising, Inc.
Crowell Advertising, Marketing and PR List Management Services Stone Advertising Agency
Crowley Webb & Associates List Media Stone Analytics
Cruz/Kravetz:IDEAS List Service Direct, Inc. Stone Ward
CS&A Marketing Communications List Services Corp. Stoner Bunting Advertising
CTB Advertising List Technology Systems Group Inc. Storandt Pann Margolis
Cultivator Advertising & Design List Technology Systems Group, Inc., Strahan Advertising
Cummings Group Lista International Corporation Strand Marketing, Inc.
Current Marketing Listbox Strata-G Communications
Custom Mail Listo Corporation Inc. Stratagem Healthcare Communications, LLC
Customer Communications Group Litos Advertising & Design Stratecom
Customer Paradigm Little Dog Agency Strategic America
Cuvee Advertising Littlefield, Inc. Strategic Fulfillment Group
CV HDM-Holland Direct Mailing, Live Advertising Strategic One
CVA Advertising & Marketing, Inc. LKH&S Strategies, a Marketing Communications Corporation
D&B Marketing LLNS Strategix/NobleSteed
D&D Advertising Locks Advertising Agency Strategy & Beyond Inc.
D&L Advertising and Design Group Lodestone Advertising Strattons Advertising
D&R Advertising, Inc. Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy (LKM) Street Cance Marketing Communications
D&S Advertising, Inc. Logan Four Advertising Stude-Becker Advertising LLC
D.L. Media Inc. Logan Marketing & Communications, Inc. Student Marketing Group Inc.
D3 Marketing & Communications Lokke Advertising Studeo Interactive Direct Inc.
DAC Group/Broome Marketing Long Advertising, Inc. Studio 2 Advertising
DAE Advertising, Inc. Lonsdale Graficom Advertising N.V. Studio A Advertising
Daiko Advertising, Inc. Loomis Group Suburbia Advertising
Dalton Advertising Loomis-ISC Success Advertising
DaltonSherman Looney Advertising and Design Success Advertising, Inc.
Damm Agentur fur Marketing  Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc. Sugar River Advertising, LLC
Dan Pipkin Advertising Agency, Inc. Lord & Lasker Texas Sullivan Brownell Davies
Daniel, Burton, Dean Advertising & Design, Inc. Lorel Marketing Group LLC Sullivan Direct Marketing, Inc.
Daniels & Roberts, Inc. Loren Heinzeroth Sullivan Higdon & Sink Incorporated
Data Conversion Resource, Inc., Loren/Allan/Odioso Advertising, Inc. Sullivan-St. Clair Advertising/Public Relations
Data Services Inc. Lortz Direct Marketing Inc. Summit Marketing
Database Marketing Solutions Lortz Direct Marketing, Inc. Summit Marketing Communications
DataList Sales Lotus Advertising Sun & Moon Marketing Communications, Inc.
Datamann, Inc. Lou Beres & Associates, Inc. Sun Marketing & Communications Ltd./Soleil Communications-Marketing Ltee
Datflux Corporation Love Advertising Inc. Sunrise Advertising
Dave Reed Marketing, Inc. Lovejoy (creative) SUPERVALU, Inc., Food Marketing Division
David K. Burnap Advertising Agency, Inc. Lovgren Marketing Group Sutter Marketing, Inc.
davidandgoliath LP&G, Inc. Swafford & Company Advertising
Davies Rourke Marketing Communications LPNY Ltd. Swanson Advertising
Davis & Company LRC Marketing Swanson Russell Associates
Davis Advertising Inc. Lubicom Marketing Consulting Swardlick Marketing Group
Davis Advertising, Inc. Lubow Advertising, Inc. Sway, Inc.
Davis Design & Advertising Ludlow Advertising, Inc. Sweeney Creative
Davis Harrison Dion, Inc. Lulu Strategy Inc. Swirl Advertising
DavisDenny Advertising & Related Services, Inc. Luna Creative Design Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG
Davis-Elen Advertising, Inc. Lund & Manasse Advertising & Public Relations Sykes Associates
Davis-Newman-Payne Lundmark Advertising & Design Inc. Syms Advertising
Dawson Marketing Group Luquire George Andrews, Inc. T&C Marketing Inc.
Daymark Inc. Sales Promotion & Marketing LXB Communications Marketing T.W. Blakeslee-Advertising
DaynerHall Marketing & Advertising Lyerly Agency Inc. T2 Marketing & Communications
DB Advertising Associates Lyon Advertising T3 (The Think Tank)
DB Associates Advertising Lzl Inc Tab Service Company
dbr Marketing, Inc. M&F Database Marketing AG TabsDirect
DCA Advertising, Inc. M. Faisal Advertising Inc. Taggart Advertising, Inc.
DDB S.r.L. Advertising M.R. Danielson Advertising LLC TALK Advertising, Inc.
Deardorff Associates Machado Garcia-Serra Publicidad Tandem Associates
DeBellis & Ferrara Mack Advertising Incorporated Tanen Directed Advertising
DeBow Communications, Ltd. MacLaren McCann Vancouver Tank, LLC
DeCarolis Design & Marketing Maddock Douglas, Inc. Tannahill Advertising
Decker Madison Advertising Group Tardis Associates
Defalco Advertising Incorporated Madison Marketing Inc. Target
Dektas-Horwitz Advertising Magnani Continuum Marketing Target Advertising Agency Limited
Delfino Marketing Communications, Inc. Magner Sanborn Target Advertising Limited
Delia Associates Magnet Advertising Target Media Advertising Services, LLC
Delta Design Maiden Lane Targetbase
Demi & Cooper Mail Marketing (Scotland) Limited TargetCast TCM
Demiris/Rice Advertising Mail Order Media & Marketing, Inc. TargetCom, LLC
Denmark Advertising & Public Relations Mailing Lists Plus, Inc. Targeted Response Advertising
Dentino Marketing Mailnet Services, Inc. Targets-Leo Burnett Advertising
Dentsu Inc. Main Gate Marketing Tartan Marketing
Design for Advertising, Inc. Main Ideas Tartan Media Group, Inc.
Designworks Advertising Inc. Maker's Media Advertising Agency Taube/Violante, Inc.
Desmarais Design Makos Advertising Marketing & Design Taylor River Real Time,
DeVito Fitterman Advertising Malcolm Marketing Communications Taylor-West Advertising
dgs Marketing Engineers Mallof, Abruzino & Nash Marketing TCI Direct
DGWB Malone Advertising, Inc. TDA Advertising & Design
DHX Advertising, Inc. Manasian Inc. Techmarketing, Inc.
DialAmerica Marketing, Inc. Mandate Advertising International Pte. Ltd. Technical Products Marketing
Diamond Brokers, Manhattan Marketing Ensemble Technically Speaking Marketing Communications
Diccicco Battista Communications Mann Marketing Communications Technology Marketing Corp.
Dick Morgan Advertising, Inc. Maranon & Associates Advertising Ted Barkus Company, Inc.
Diesel MARC USA Ted Chin & Company, Inc.
Dieste, Harmel & Partners Marcus Advertising, Inc. Telemedia Marketing & Design, Inc.
DietrichDirect, LLC Marcus Thomas LLC TeleTech
Digiedge Communications Maresco & Partners TEMA Technologie Marketing AG
Digital Advertising Consortium, Inc. Marie-Chantal Marketing Temkin & Temkin
Digital Harvest, Inc. Marigolde Technologies Ten United
DigitalGrit Marinelli Communications, Inc. Teredata - A Division of NCR
Digitas Inc. Maring Weissman, Inc. Terry Brite Advertising-Division/Copper Brite Inc.
Dimension X Advertising & Marketing Mark Hallinan Advertising Texas Advertising Group
DiMeo & Co. Mark Russell Group Texas Farm Products Advertising
Dircks Associates Mark Sternhell Advertising, Inc. TG Madison
Direc - Tel Marketing Solutions Marken Communications Inc. The Advertising Council, Inc.
Direct Channel Inc., Market Force, Inc. The Agency Marketing Group
Direct Communications Corporation Market Street Lists Inc The Basketball Marketing Company Inc.
Direct Development, Inc. Marketability Advertising & Public Relations The Coakley Heagerty Advertising & Public Relations Co.
Direct Mailing Services MarketAide Services, Inc. The Corporate Communications Group
Direct Marketing Association (UK) Ltd. MarketEdge Solutions The Cox Group, Inc.
Direct Marketing Lists, MarketerNet The Culbertson Group
Direct Marketing Network MarketGarden The Designory
Direct Marketing Solutions Marketing & Creative Services, Inc. The Dialog Marketing Group
Direct Media, Inc., Marketing & Media Services, Inc. The Direct Marketing Association Inc.
Direct Synergy Marketing Alternatives, Inc. The Dozier Company
Direct Target Marketing Corp. Marketing Analytics Group, LLC The Drucker Group
DirectorsUSA Marketing By Design, Inc. The Emerson Marketing Agency, Inc.
DirectQlick  m, Inc. Marketing Communications The Event Agency
Dirmark Group Marketing Communications International Inc. The Fletcher Group
Discount - Lists Marketing Concepts Group The G3 Group
Dittus Communications Marketing Concepts of Minnesota, Inc. The GAMS Group, Inc.
Diving Equipment & Marketing Association Marketing Consultants The Gary Group