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What will be my open/conversion rate?

There are too many variables to make any scientific prediction. The results of a successful email campaign depend on the subject line, the creative, the offer and the timing. We have devoted unparalleled research and analysis towards each of these variables. Through trial and error we have perfected the art of putting developing the most effective/successful marketing campaigns to date.

How can I pay?

All list purchases must be paid for in advance either by wire transfer, check, or check by fax. Contact us for further details. If you wish to pay by check, make your check payable to "The Right List" and mail it to us at: The Right List 20A Northwest Blvd #290 Nashua, NH 03063

I had unfavorable results with the last company I purchased an email campaign from, what are you going to do different?

We constantly hear from our clients that they have tried services like ours with another company and they did not get favorable results. It is not the service that should be held responsible it is the company. The email business has changed so much; it is not the same email that was distributed in the past. This is not mass volumes of unsolicited email. All of our records are double confirmed opt-in records. This means not only did consumers have to check a box to receive information from companies similar to yours, but they receive a second chance to opt-out in our thank you letter. Our lists are enhanced with all the key demographics and lifestyle attributes to get your offer to the most responsive consumers. So basically we are targeting consumers that are most likely to buy your product or service. Our lists deliver the highest return-on-investment of any form of direct marketing. We have over 180 million email addresses and over 200 million postal addresses. Many companies out there have very large databases. We take it a step further by sending out internal surveys to everyone within our database asking them to fill out questionnaires. Using the data we get back enables us to break our lists down to over 150 attributes. If any of our clients want to target a particular market we can handle it. If we do not have the list you are looking for we can queue your question in our next survey and obtain your list from a network of affiliates.

What makes you better than anyone else?

Our Rapid growth and enormous database is accredited to our acquisitions. We have been purchasing numerous companies to secure our place on the top of the industry. Some of our more recent purchases are:

Politicalmarketingpros.com              Yourfavoritemagazine.com        Path2education.com            Tradeshowattendee.com                  Globaldatasphere.com

 An abundance of advertising agencies outsource their business to us because they do not house internal data. We encounter numerous marketing firms requesting our services on a daily basis because our services will yield higher ROI's than anything they can offer potential clients.

How is your list compiled?

Our list source is a Combination 3,000 affiliate lead generation sites, database surveys, tradeshow attendees, association members, various online & printed memberships/subscriptions.

Is this spam?

Nobody likes spam. As a company looking to go public we can not afford to follow such practices. We are 100% can-spam compliant. Direct mail is a huge industry and only 16% of the companies out there are Can-Spam compliant. We are avid members of Antispamgroup.org, and support all of the new spamming laws. In fact, we send all of our data through the www.thedonotemaillist.org to ensure that we use the automatic universal opt out system. We are white listed with all of the major ISP’s because of our ethical practices.

What did consumers sign up for?

Consumers signed up for third party offers.  Bad data comes from offers that are incentivised; people are not going to give us there contact number to win a free ipod. Those are horrible leads. Bad data may also come from pre-checked boxes. Consumers may not see the pre checked box that will confirm the consumer as an additional opt-in. Our consumer base must check a box to receive any third party offers. We will not sell bad data. The majority or our business is residual. It is much more profitable and easier for me to keep my clients happy than have to constantly seek new ones.

How recent is your data?

We will never offer a company from a particular market targeted solutions unless we have recently acquired relevant data for them.  We will wait until we complete an internal survey, or get a new membership subscription list to offer any benefiting companies.

How many people have used this list?

That is another good question. No buyer wishes to be the tenth advertiser to send some poor soul an email advertisement on the same morning. Since we offer specialty lists, we can offer more variations of data and because our lists are made to order repetition is less frequent. Most of our lists are semi-exclusive which means we will only sell a particular list 2 times per month, three at the most. Not only will this make the list more responsive, it will also benefit us. If we constantly send out broadcasts to the same lists, the frustrated consumers will opt off our lists decreasing the size of our database.

How do I know that your data is clean?

Our data has been flowing through a thorough process to ensure that it is indeed clean. We need to use a good system because we acquire an additional 500,000 email addresses monthly. All of this data is merged, purged, scrubbed and updated making it the freshest data. Our experiences show that we have a very responsive audience. We are compulsive when it comes to data cleanliness.

How do I know that my offer will not end up in my recipients’ junk mail folder?

Unless email is being sent from firms that are "white listed" like (The Right List), email deliverability will be an ongoing problem. In the process to protect their clients from real junk mail, some email clients and Email Service Providers end up blocking legitimate mail so marketing firms may have hurdles to overcome when trying to reach an inbox. The challenge to get through filters and algorithms has become a serious headache for many companies. An algorithm is a code set up on a potential customer’s email client. These codes will prohibit email to be delivered to an email box. It may be trigger words, colors, links, broadcast time, amount of html code and amount and syntax errors in the subject line or creative that prohibits the email from getting to the inbox. Our creative and IT team are professionals that know exactly how to set up an email creative. TRL uses cutting edge custom software that checks and grades the deliverability of each creative. With this software we have the ability to make all of the necessary adjustments to ensure your email will get delivered.

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